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Design Experience.

Photo taken by Robert Paul at APEX Series 2016.

Brand: SHUNAO!
June 2013 - Present

SHUNAO is the online name used within artist circles. As a solo artist and small brand, I sell fan-made merchandise of anime and video game-related posters and key charms. As a long time fan of games, especially fighting games, I rarely found merchandise of my favourites through stores or within conventions. Because of that, I began creating and printing products by a fan, for fans. The first series that broke me into the community were acrylic charms of the full cast of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 that sold to the community through the community online on March 2014. The responses from fans were enthusiastic and I continued working towards other game series that I grew to play and love. 

Although as one of the largest providers of small trinkets and posters for the fighting game community, my products aren't mass produced. Items sell out quickly and change seasonally. Besides those two kinds of products, I also design shirts and have printed and sold several art books. The earnings I receive are given back to the scene by sponsoring tournaments (EVO, NCR, SCR, CEOtaku). What I create isn't for myself, but for the community I have grown to care and love!
My merchandise is available at events and conventions around the world. For those who are unable to visit, I have also set up an online store readily available to purchase online and I am constantly helping out customers on any inquiries through emails and Twitter.

CEOtaku's Mascot: Shiyo
August 2015 - Present

Founder and fighting game tournament organizer of CEO, Alex Jebailey invited me to work with him on CEOtaku, an anime-only fighting game tournament that is held in Florida. Working close to Jebailey and CEOtaku's co-founder Richard Thiher, the process on working out her design was mainly referencing the design of important girls from anime fighting games (first image). Most anime characters' designs were complex, but Jebailey recommended to keep her design and colors simple for cosplayers and for printing. The colors chosen for her were black and gold; the main colors for CEO. The red was to help break up the huge contrast between her main colors.

From there, her design was pretty much settled. She was finalized and ready to go out into the world! The mascot is seen on the official CEOtaku badges, CEOtaku apparel, trophies, and on stream during the tournament. 
In September 2016, I worked on an animated video to advertise CEOtaku even more. Organized by Yuzuki, I worked on storyboard with Jooooon (who did video editing) and illustrated all the assets for the music video.

The video was showcased at CEOtaku 2016 and articles written by Shoryuken, Eventhubs, and Kakuge Checker mentioned it. 
Continuing with the tradition, Yuzuki. Jooooon, and I worked on a second PV for the tournament in September 2017. Keeping up with what's popular as of recent, the music and theme was based on Persona 5. The event's theme was also geared towards that theme and was positive from participants to company sponsors.

The video was showcased at CEOtaku 2017 and articles written by Shoryuken and Kakuge Checker mentioned it.

Poster Design: Crunchyroll x Anime Boston 2016
March 2016

Crunchyroll, the leading global video service for Japanese Anime and Asian media, commissioned me to work on a 24" x 18" poster for their collaboration with Anime Boston in 2016. The theme for the convention was Sports Festival, and was asked to make a poster with Crunchyroll's mascot Hime and Anime Boston's two mascots. Since the main theme for the year was sports, I researched which animes were popular within the recent years. With Haikyuu! as the most recent popularity, I drew Hime in a action-y volleyball pose with her pose mimicking that of Haikyuu!'s main character, Shouyou Hinata. With Hime as the centerpiece, I began working on incorporating Anime Boston's mascots. Baseball and basketball were sports seen in anime series since the 1980-90s so I had the female and male mascots in baseball and basketball attire, respectively. With Hime popping out like she's in motion, I had the Anime Boston mascots within panels, connecting the three as part of an anime and/or manga.

Due to Hime's design being mainly orange and white, I needed to contrast her with a blue background. Thankfully, the colors for Anime Boston were orange and blue so I colored the inside of the panels to be orange for the two mascots. The poster was sold only at Anime Boston 2016.

Poster Design: Crunchyroll x AWA 2016
September 2016

I had the opportunity to work with Crunchyroll again; this time it is another 24" x 18" poster for their collaboration with Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2016. The theme for the convention was Space, and was asked to make a poster with Crunchyroll's mascot Hime and AWA's mascot, Peach-girl. Since the theme was quite vague, Crunchyroll let me be able to play around with the characters outfits and design more freely. 

I was able to draw the two characters in different attires, so I changed HIme's original orange costume into a night-sky blue with glowing stars. As for Peach-girl, I did give her outfits a starry motif, but I wanted to portray her as a simple girl who is lead by Hime to see the wondrous world of space (and anime)! The poster was sold only at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016.

Graphic Tee Designer: Splitframe LLC
August 2014 - Present

I was invited by Vinh Trieu, CEO of Arcadeshock, to be one of their graphic artists for their new brandline of fighting game-related products, Splitframe LLC. Trieu noticed and was inspired by my limited palette and simple anime style that would work well with tees.

The process to design a shirt begins with Trieu sending me an idea he has for a product and I sketch out what I have in mind. He tells me what changes need to be made and we slowly create a piece that would be a guide to the final product. After the final sketch details has gone through Trieu and the company who commissioned the design (CAPCOM, Sanwa Denshi, etc.), I go straight into the design phase and create a design that is of my style and to the company's interest.

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